Thursday, May 7, 2009


this weather
and my hair
are in a fight.

haven't had
much time to blog
spring cleaning
in the carmack home.
it's almost
like a whole new 
house around here.

i've added
a picture block to
my blog, as you can see
over to the right.
i'm going to change
the picture every once
in a while to 
different pictures
of rob and me.
so get excited :)

we've decided 
(rob and i)
to take a road trip 
this summer.
a full on road trip
without major highways,
scheduled intenerary,
or specific end location...
just hit the open road 
and see things
we've never seen before.
we got the "weird U.S."
book and are finding
all kinds of crazy
things to see.
a life-size bedrock city
(from the flinstones),
haunted places, 
smallest church 
in the country,
so many 
interesting things.
my camera is 
going to be exhausted!

i'm off to mow the lawn.
i'll leave you with a picture
of brett and jemain
from flight of the conchords.
we went to see them
tuesday night.


Nancy said...

Interesting post!

I like the new background.

April said...

come visit me in Colorado! I'll be in the middle of nowhere so it can count as part of your no major highways! but i guess that would be a destination, huh? it's in powderhorn if you guys ever feel like stopping by!