Wednesday, June 17, 2009

this, that, and everything else...

as you've probably 
noticed, i haven't had
much time to post lately.

so here goes, nancy.
a little
shotgun blast
of my life the 
past month.

lots of weddings.
it's that time of year...

my brother and sis-in-law
finished moving into
their new house that they built
with their own hands. 
and it is AMAZING.

they made molds to pour the concrete counter tops

putting in the hardwood floors.
this is when they were 
putting the stone up.
I'll have the "finished"
pictures soon. 

here's my bro, Chason
and his son Kohen.

we went to disney world
with Rob's family.
my sister, Annie went with us.
and we just had the best time ever!
annie and i in front of the castle
rob, annie, and i waiting in line for a ride.
(i bet you can't guess which shoes are mine ;) )
annie and i wearing out princess crowns.
rob and i about to see a 3D show.
we ate dinner with Cinderella IN her castle!
we ate dinner at Tony's restaraunt
(from lady & the tramp)
so of course we had to take the spaghetti  picture! ;)
the fireworks show was amazing.
the whole trip was magical!

this past week
lorri downs and I threw 
a baby shower for 
angie and baby marshall. 

the petit fours

we had a make-your-own-parfait bar

virgin mimosas

the favors and thank-you notes 
we had the guests address
on their way in so angie 
wouldn't have to do it later.

she got so many great gifts!
it was a great party.

this week i did senior portraits 
for AK.
here are a couple

she's really into the renaissance fair.

and there you have it.


Nancy said...

Great pictures!!!!
Thank you for updating!!!

laura said...

Wow! Lot's going on. I love Disney World! And all your pictures are beatiful, of course

laura said...

i mean beautiful