Tuesday, June 30, 2009

july already?

where does the time go?

just a few odds
and ends of late.

i made some fruit tarts.
i'd never tried before
but i think they turned
out pretty nicely!

i started a project
in my office a while back
and i finally finished it.

wild hair day

my sisters and i at a rangers game last month

i planted flowers in the 
front beds a while back,

and now they're taking over!

aren't they pretty?
even though they're growing
over onto the sidewalk,
i can't bring myself to cut them back!
i just step over them ;)
i'm sure i'll have to trim them 
somday, but for now,
i'm just letting them grow wild.
i'm sure my neighbors are thrilled...


laura said...

i love the wall painting! I was just wondering about that today. I remembered visiting you in May and then thought "I bet Caroline is done with her wall. I want to see it!" So thanks for sharing. And those fruit tarts look yummy. As do the flowers. I look forward to having a house and being able to plant things as well. And I look forward to watching over your house in August and keeping all your plants and animals alive.

And anytime you think you are having a bad hair day, just look at your wall painting and see that curly, crazy hair is beautiful!

Nancy said...

Wow. Fruit tarts, beautiful wall, and flowers! Suzy homemaker are you!!!

Being Beth said...

Susie Homemaker -- BAAH!!! Creative is what you are, and I love it. Your tarts look scrumptious.

And gosh, those flowers -- keep them. My poor husband had a hard time mowing the backyard this spring. Tons of wildflowers sprang up for some reason (birds dropping seeds???) and I wouldn't let him mow them down. I figure if they are willing to bloom, I'm crazy enough to enjoy them.

Finally -- your wall art made me think in a whole new direction for sprucing up my office. Thanks!

Great post.