Thursday, July 16, 2009

SIX *edit*

rob pointed out that my sixth was missing.
so i fixed it.
don't know what happened there.

six things 
that make me

1. my baby.
watching the little 
screen, seeing it move, 
watching that 
crazy fast
trying to imagine
the rest of my life
with this addition-
it's indescribable.

2. my husband.
he's simply amazing to me.
he's my favorite and my best.
i can't believe it's already been
nearly a whole year since
i walked down that isle
to his smiling face,
but needless to say,
it's been the best year
of my life.

3. my family.
i'm so blessed with
the most fun, loving,
supportive, funny, 
awesome family.
and even more blessed 
that i got the same thing
twice over in my in-laws!
a girl just simply could not
ask for better!
4. photography.
i could eat, sleep, 
and breathe photography.
it's my passion, and 
i'm so lucky to get to 
do something i love for a living!

5. discovering new music.
i love music. 
classical, jazz, 
rock, folk, 
alt, almost everything.
i always get so excited
when i find new music
that i love.

6. Broadway.
I love musicals. 
going to them,
singing along with them,
seth rudesky on
sirius 77 broadway's best.
musicals made into movies.
West Side Story is my favorite.
I've seen it about a thousand times
and still cry at the end.
I know every word and song .
If only I could sing and dance.
In the privacy of my home,
I can ;)

when you're a jet
you're a jet all the way.
(even tho i secretly want 
to be a shark instead) ;)

there are so many more,
but that will have 
to do for now.

I'll tag 


Nancy said...

Love your six!!!
Thanks for doing this! (I knew you would do a classy job, of course.)

Being Beth said...

Yea, classy is a great description. Wonderful list. You know, your list makes me happy too!

laura said...

awful list! i hate it!

jk. i just wanted to be different. your list is great.

i love west side story too!
just play it cool boys, real cool . . .