Monday, July 6, 2009

the longest 3 minutes

3 minutes

that's how
i sat on the floor
of my bathroom
holding my breath,
biting my nail,
waiting for,
staring at and 
trying to ignore

then i cried, 
then i smiled,
then i cried again,
then i thought, 
'well, i don't know,
i should take another one'...
then i took 4 more.

and they all 
said the same thing:
"your life will 
never be the same".

rob was shocked
but thrilled,
which made me feel 
much better.
but i was still 
completely terrified. 

this wasn't the plan.
i wasn't ready.
what about south africa
in the spring.
i don't think
i can do this...

and then rob and i
sat in the little dark room,
looking at the screen,
watching our baby's 
heart beating,
and i was sold.

still terrifed,
but at the same time,
so excited, 
and so blessed.

i'm so glad
i'm going on this
crazy adventure 
with my best friend.
i think he's going to be 
a great dad.


Being Beth said...


I'm so happy for you and Rob and happy for this little baby too. He/she will have great parents and a wonderful home to grow up in.

You'll do fine. A mother is born along with the child and you'll grow in your new lives together.

You just turned a good day into a day to celebrate -- complete with tears and goosebumps.

Congratulations, Caroline!!!! (And Rob).

Rob said...

I love you, and I can't wait to meet our baby.

Nancy said...

This is beyond thrilling!!!!

You and Rob will make GREAT parents!!!!

I'm so excited!!!!!!!
SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

laura said...

that's so wonderful! im so excited!

Elizabeth H. said...

Congratulations!!!! You will be a great mother. Our Caroline was a big surprise, too. We felt much the same way as you describe - but you will love it and looking back, you'll think "why was I ever so worried?" The Lord has it all under control! Your life will be immensely blessed! Hope you're feeling well!

Annie Sarah said...

This made me cry :) Love you, and I'm proud of you!!

Nancy said...

Just so you know, I just TAGGED you on my blog! I figure now - before the baby comes - you'll have more time on your hands-- than later!

I hope you're feeling okay.

I meant to do lunch with you this week - and, well, got too busy!

We're praying for you... and so excited.