Tuesday, September 22, 2009

3 more days!!

we find out the

he-she business

about our baby

on friday

and i am

so so so


i can't 

even stand it!

a lot of people

have tried 

to convince me to

let it be a 


they had

some really good points,

and i was almost


but i just

have to know!!

i want to start

calling baby 

by it's name,

instead of baby or it!

and, if you know me

at all,

you know how

i will have the

nursery decor 

planned out and 

since i'm going to be making

the bedding myself,

i'll need some time!

plus i've never 

been good at waiting,

i'm pretty impatient.

i admit it.

i have to know!

so in just a few 

short days,

we'll know,

and then you'll know!

everyone has a very 

definite feeling on 

which it will be:

my dad is completely sure 

it's a girl,

rob is completely sure

it's a boy..

someone is 

completely wrong.. ;)

so now's the time

to place your "bets".



what do you think?!?


laura said...

i'm going to vote for a girl!

i bet rob thinks its a boy because he only has brothers. open your mind rob!

Annie Sarah said...

Girl! Girl! Girlgirlgirl!!

Elizabeth H. said...

Hmmm..... I feel so torn but I think it might be a girl!

And I am so with you on wanting to find out beforehand. Finding out IS a surprise... you're surprised THEN and then you can prepare, shop and decorate and if you want to, you can keep the name a secret - or the middle name, etc. And truly, there is no bigger surprise than finally meeting your baby face-to-face, so I say, find out! Its so fun! Even when #3 comes along... we will be finding out. I just HAVE to! There is no way I would be patient enough to wait!

Nancy - said...

I say BOY!

And though I didn't want to know the gender when I was in the 'family-way'(back in the early 80's)- I can SO UNDERSTAND YOUR WANTING TO KNOW. (Well, back then doctors were sometimes wrong. They're not as wrong nowadays.)
Let's hope they get it right, right?