Friday, September 25, 2009

oh boy oh boy!

it's a boy!

there he is!

in all his

boy-ish glory

somehow i

was just really sure

it would be a girl,

and i think rob was too.

so we were shocked 

when the sono-tech

said it was a boy!

i couldn't quite

grasp it at first...

but now, of course,

we are so excited!

we had each decided

on the first thing

we wanted to buy

the baby after we found

out what it was.

so right after we found out,

we bought him his first shoes

(my idea, and they are SO cute!)

and his first comic book

(rob's idea. spiderman ;) )

so now we

are getting used to

the idea of 

having a son.


a son...


Nancy - said...

Wow. Congratulations!!

Being Beth said...

You will soon see the world through the eyes of a boy -- and what a different world it is. Congratulations!!!

OH, and I wanted to tell you that I love the music you have on your blog. sometimes I just keep your blog up just to listen. Nice.

April said...

whoa! a son! is it becoming real for you now? i'm so excited for you two!

Wil Carmack said...

Woo! Good choice on the comic book.

Cassie Laing said...

We can't wait to meet him!! And it is true that a little boy's love is precious- it melts your heart. You expect a little girl to be sweet and lovey, but when a little boy curls up in your arms and says, "Ma-ma!" ... man, there's nothing better.

He can't even talk about girls till he's 35- I won't allow it!!

laura said...

Amazing! So exciting! I was wrong too

Annie Sarah said...

I guess he wouldn't like it if I kept calling him "little Annie"..... I'm slowly coming up with a list of good names, just in case you need it! I can't WAIT to meet the little guy! I love little boys. You could just call me "little kid lover" HAHAHA no, but seriously. We're gonna have so much fun with all these boys!

Lydia said...

Ah! I love that you are having a little boy! I wish i could be with you to get his room all ready and by clothes and just hang with you! Miss you!!