Wednesday, September 9, 2009


i went to visit 

my sister, Annie
at her new home in
Baltimore, MD.
She moved there last 
month to go graduate school 
at the Peabody Conservatory,
the music school of Johns Hopkins.
annie outside her school. 
it is so huge and fancy looking!

we had so much fun,
seeing sights,
exploring new 
parts of town,
eating fancy deserts,
drinking coffee at little
outside bistro tables.
i really loved the city
and i'm just a tiny bit
jealous at her
"glamorous downtown life".
the square outside her apt. 
there was a concert going on by the monument.
her apartment is the one with the red awning.
isn't that such a fun little park outside?

her school is the building on the right
and her apt is just out of the picture to the left.

down at the harbor. it's so beautiful!

funny fish statue.

we made cupcakes
for her birthday this week.
happy birthday annie!
i miss you!


Nancy - said...

Great pictures!!!