Monday, September 14, 2009

i'm just not sure

how well this plan

was thought out.

well really,

it wasn't thought

out at all.

it just is.

and i think

i can be 

honest with you

because i feel

certain that 

all of you have 

felt something

akin to this

at one point

or another.

i'm almost


through this


and i have to say

i'm still not 

really sure about this.

i go back and forth

a lot.


i wake up every morning


"there is no way

i can do this"

and then by the time 

i go to bed

i'm thinking

"how exciting! a baby!"

so really.

i'm sure it will 

be fine

and wonderful

and i'm just 

kind of a worrier.

but i'm sharing

because that's what i do,

and isn't that 

why you read


on another note,

i've really

been enjoying the rain.

i usually don't.

i love summer,

and i'm always 

so sad to see it go.

i dread the cold

and the rain.

but somehow,

this year 

i'm loving it!

it's cozy, and

hoodies, and 

polka dot socks

inside my polka dot 

rain boots.

holidays are coming,

family visits,


and apple cider.

i'm loving

my newfound love

for autumn/winter.

i'm having dinner

with an old friend tonight.

i'm bringing the desert,

which i need to get out 

of the oven now.

my little duck timer

is quacking.


Cassie Laing said...

it's okay to not be sure. there will be days after the baby is here that you are not sure. days you are not sure you will ever sleep again. days you are not sure if you'll get a shower or even brush your hair. days where you are not sure if you'll ever go anywhere more exciting than the grocery store. but when you look into those tiny eyes looking back at you, you'll be sure that this was the best thing you ever did.

And just know you WILL sleep again, shower sometime, and even go to exciting places (like Disney!) and you'll make it through. and if all else fails- you take them to grandmas. (or to play with cousins!! better yet, we take them all to grandmas and go get pedicures!)

Lydia said...

So I am just saying that I am pretty sure out of almost all the people I know that you are going to be one of the top moms- no joke! You will be great!!

Nancy - said...

I think you should reread Cassie's comment over and over. She said it so well. REALLY.
And I KNOW - like Lydia - that you will be a wonderful mother... because I know YOU.
(Would that we all would be so honest about life.)

My only advice would be to TAKE ONE DAY AT A TIME. ONE MINUTE AT A TIME. That may sound trite - but it always helps me.

Oh, your new blog background - and title are GORGEOUS. So classy. So YOU.

Annie Sarah said...

All I can say in response to this is:
In a very muffled voice:

But Master, I have a big head, and little arms... and I'm just not sure... how well this was planned....

Annie Sarah said...

Oh, and you'll be great at being a mommy. So cute. I'd better get to love on that baby allllll the time!