Tuesday, December 29, 2009

holiday happenings

i cannot believe

it is snowing
twice in
that has never
here in my
it was a
wonderful christmas
with both
my families.
first, at rob's family's.
we had to make
a quick exit
from OKC than
we had planned
because of the weather,
but we made it
home safely
the blizzard
for christmas
at my parents'.

our christmas puppies

kohen raked in the presents.

rob got me a wii and a princess game
i was just a tad excited... ;)

for rob,
i had the book he wrote
for NaNoWriMo
printed into a real book.

my brother and i
made tons and tons
of christmas cookies
the candy cane cookies
are my favorite
i've been getting a lot
of quality sister time
in while annie is here.
we went out on the town
with the top down
because as you know,
texas is the only place
where you can need your
A/C one day
and then it snows
the next.

my oldest friend
Lydia was in town
from CA.
i've missed her dearly
and i'm so glad we got
to hang out,
even if only for
a couple hours.

rob and i had
a fancy dinner
at the melting pot
as a christmas gift
and our waitress
brought us a special
baby celebration desert!
isn't is so cute?!

so that is a
big smattering
of the last couple weeks.
now my sisters
are coming over
to have fun sister-snow time.
so with this,
i say ttfn
ta ta for now


laura said...

Sounds so fun!! I love the melting pot, thought I've only been once. And what a cute dessert!

And that last pictures is hilarious

Nancy said...

Yes, so fun!
I want to read Rob's book!

Love your background!
And you, too!!!