Wednesday, February 17, 2010

come out come out wherever you are...

Sawyer seems to be

exhibiting signs
of stubbornness

he just won't
show us his little face!

somehow, in my mind,
i really thought he would
be here by now.
i'd never make it
this long.
but alas,
here we are,
still more pregnant
than i ever thought
one could be!

my sister is in town,
and she has taken up
the role of captain
on team "get that nephew borned".
we have walked and walked,
we ate spicy foods,
she keeps talking to my belly
and insisting that
he show himself.
and she tried
to make me do lunges.
not going to happen.
we even bought,
and then discarded
the castor oil concoction.
(my sister has pictures of all this
on her camera, but i don't have any.
i've been just sure if i take my camera
out of my bag i'll forget it
then we won't have it at the hospital...)

anyway, all that to say,
he's still cozy in his little
habitat and doesn't seem
all that interested in leaving.
but i have my 40 week appointment
today.. so we shall see.
hopefully (please God)
he will change his mind
and we can all meet him very soon!


Nancy said...

Hmm. So little Sawyer is on his own time.
Well, he'll come at just the right time. (I can say that since I'm not in your place. - Ha.)

Cassie said...

I want to see that baby! I am conflicted... Because for you and Annie's sakes I want him to come ASAP, but then I really don't want to miss it!! AHHH!! Tell us what the doc says!!

Nancy said...

Hooray... Hurrah.... he was born TODAY!!!!