Monday, February 8, 2010

you have to see it to believe it

the huge-ness

i mean.

38 weeks pregnant.
i had to take
one last belly picture.
so i won't forget later.

it's been fun,
but now
i'm done.

come on out,

here is a little
video tour
i took so my
far away family
can see the nursery.
you can watch if
you'd like.

here are a few pictures
of my birthday boy. :)
29 candles on the Dr. Pepper cake i made for him
how cute is he?! :)

he is excited about his presents

we are trying to enjoy
our last days before
we are parents
and do things
we think we won't get
to do anymore...
but really,
we just want
him to get here!!


laura said...

Wowee! I loved the tour. All that's missing is your baby! Can't wait to meet him.

Nancy said...

Great post! (I was wanting one.)

Crystal Z Roznik said...

Looking radiant and beautiful. My dad would never ever sit and cut out tiny shapes for me, maybe big wooden shapes but not tiny ones.