Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sister, birthday, bath, delirium...

annie finally

got to meet
and he loves his auntie!
we had a good time
while she was visiting
and we're sad she has to go.

sawyer had his first bath
he liked it at first
then, not so much...
but he loved his snuggie towel

here are a few random pictures i love

so awake!
cutest teeny baby shoes ever!
he hearts his mom ;)
he's so gangster,
and even gangsters need their pacis.

i had a great birthday!
i don't really have any pictures
of that tho.
rob took me to the melting pot
and it was amazing.
and my whole family
went out for mexican food.
and of course having
my precious baby on my birthday
is the best present of all :)
and of course,
i have the best husband
in the world!
he's been so good
at being a helpful daddy
and he stayed up all night long
so i could get some much needed sleep.
i was beginning to lose my mind,
i think.
i got in the shower
with my clothes still on...
and i can't remember
what i was saying
long enough to finish anything
i'm saying...
but now i am well rested
and it's a gorgeous day!


laura said...

What a cute little baby bath tub! And what a cute little baby! :)

Happy belated birthday! The melting pot is so yummy

Nancy said...

Bless your heart!
I'm glad you got some rest and that it's a gorgeous day!

Love the little bathtub pictures.

As soon as I (and you) can, we'll do the babysitting thing... and the Babe's thing. mmm