Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a month?! already?!

i can't believe

my sweet baby
is already
a month old!

the time is already

it's funny
it seemed to be
dragging so slowly
before he was born,
and as soon as he got here
it started zooming by!

i laid him on his playtime mat
while i attempted to dry my hair
after one of the very few showers
i've gotten lately,
and i hear him making
all these little baby cooing noises
so i run in there to see this:
he smiles!!
and he makes tiny
sort of-laughing sounds
and it's just the best thing ever!

i still can't believe
he's mine
and i get to keep him.

in other news,
my sister in law, cassie
still hasn't had her baby yet.
she's 41 weeks now.
these laing babies
just don't want to come out!

and it seems that spring
is finally here!
after that crazy little
snowy speedbump
last weekend,
it's warm and sunny
and the trees in the backyard are
blooming those pretty white flowers
that are my favorite.
it even smells like spring!
love it.

here's a little video
of sawyer on his playmat
being adorable and smiley.
feel free to enjoy it :)


Nancy said...

That little video is so precious!

I'm gonna watch it again....

Annie Sarah said...

Aw! he's SO cute and smart! So it's official. Laing's make smart babies :) and I guess Carmack's and Androe's, too... haha. And now that song made me wanna go watch a kid's tv show or go to the beach!