Thursday, April 1, 2010


my nephew, Kohen is not used to
having to share his spotlight,
and we wondered how he would handle

his new baby cousin.
he ignored him completely at first.
but little by little he has started
acknowledging sawer first by
pointing and saying "bay-bee"
and now he finally gets excited
and starts yelling "yaw-yer!"
and grabbing at his carrier.
he even asked to "hold it"
a couple days ago.

first he had to point out all
the animals and their sounds
on Sawyer's onesie.

then he poked sawyer's eyes.
of course.

he was so proud of himself
(that blinking thing he's doing
i think is flirting)

and now he will have to share
just a little more.

kohen's new baby brother was born!
poor cassie, she is a champ!
48+ hours of labor,
2 weeks past her due date,
no pain meds,
Judah Emmerson
was born 3/31 at 3:31 pm
8 lb. 10 oz. 21"!
proud daddy showing pictures in the waiting room
Sawyer with his new cousin.
It's amazing how fast a baby grows!
Sawyer was smaller than Judah just 5 weeks ago!
we are so glad baby Judah is finally here
safe and healthy and perfect.
Congratulations Chason and Cassie!


Nancy said...

Hurray, Judah's finally here!

Cute pictures.

And that Kohen can really 'flirt'!!!