Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter, Finally

some long overdue
pictures from
Sawyer's first easter!

i decorated my parents' eggs.
they were surprised.

my brother chason, my dad, me, and rob
on the couch with the babies.

sawyer had a cute
easter outfit, but his diaper leaked on it
about 5 minutes after we got it on him... 
oh well. 
it was cute tho.
trust me.

hunting eggs. 
can't you tell he's so into it ;)

hangin' out with grandad

i love this boy

kohen's eggs had hot wheels in them

cutie patootie

i see you!

sawyer and his loot ;)


Being Beth said...

Cute cute photos! Love the way you decorated the eggs too.

Annie Sarah said...

TOO cute! I love the lighting you used for these photos! And I love you.

Nancy said...

Each and every one of those pictures is ADORABLE.

As are YOU.

photojunkiecheri said...

sawyer is just so adorable. congrats :-)