Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good Morning Baltimore

sawyer and i made our trip

to baltimore to visit
auntie annie.
i wish i had a picture of
his first plane ride,
but alas, i had no extra hands
to take pictures
on our journey.
but trust me,
it was quite a sight,
me lugging a suitcase,
car seat, diaper bag,
and baby
through the airport.
he did marvelously tho.
not a tear was shed on the
3 hour ride to MD.

we had a fabulous time
seeing sights and having
sister bonding time.

in the 'beauty & the beast" library
at annie's school

out on the town with S snug in his sling

we saw annie in her opera performance
and went out to celebrate
afterwards with her friends.
yes, we took sawyer to his first bar.
he had a good time.
he pretty much slept through most of it.

he loves to play airplane with annie

my dad gave him a mohawk
it's more like a cupie doll hairdo

playing on the floor with granddad

S has discovered his hands.
he clutches his fingers together and just
stares at them for 10 minutes at a time.
it's adorable!
he's growing so fast
i can hardly believe it!
but everyday is a little more
exciting and new things happen.
it's definitely my favorite ever.

we had a wonderful trip
and are so proud of annie!
she's the best!!


Nancy said...

Oh my.
Those pictures are adorable.