Sunday, September 5, 2010

the greatness of grandparents

sawyer is fortunate enough
to have all 4 of his
great-grand parents living,
although he hasn't gotten
to meet them all yet.

my mom and i
just took sawyer
to meet her parents
in south carolina.
she goes to see them
every year
and this time
she took us along.

i'm glad i got to share
with him the special
people & places
that are so very
near and dear
to my heart.
sawyer and his papa
great granny

the lake on which everyone
in the town lives.

i've finally risen to my place
on the piano in the parlor

papa's workroom,
where he makes
calligraphy magic happen

on the street where they live

we had a great trip
and loved getting to
see everyone and
have a relaxing
southern vacation.

we love you
gramma kathy and papa ed!


Nancy said...

That is so fantastic that Sawyer got to meet Gramma Kathy and Papa Ed.

I know they ADORED HIM!!!!!!

(What's not to adore?!!!)

Cassie said...

Awesome pictures, Caroline!! What precious shots you got with some of my favorite people! I so wish we could have come along :(