Thursday, February 14, 2008

sic' em bears

i'm in Waco, at Baylor specifically.

visiting my dearest bestest friend, 
you've seen her before i think:

i really like Waco! 
i've never spent much time here,
but the Baylor campus is beautiful!
i could see myself here,
maybe I should go to grad school.....

..... no way just kidding. 

Anyway, I'm sittin in Common Grounds
waiting for my Valentine to pick me up. 
So while we wait,
here is a video Lydia showed me...
it is so random
but so funny!
i love little kids with accents :)

Happy Valentine's Day! 


Anonymous said...

i am still cracking up at that video......oh goodness, that was adorable and hilarious. thanks for sharing. it put me in a good mood.

laura said...

haha, that was funny/cute. And I had fun running into you yesteray as well--twice!

mm jw said...

Funny video!!!