Monday, February 18, 2008

it's about time

FINALLY finished my website!
i've been working on it
for about eleventy thousand years.
and it finally went live this weekend!
i'm very excited!
i still have a few changes to make on it
but it's mostly done. 
Here is the link 
incase you want to check it out.
o and thanks Will for letting me 
put up your music. 
it is awesome.


laura said...

it's awesome!

mm jw said...

It IS awesome. . . and that music just makes it.

Really - the whole thing is awesome.

April said...

it looks SO GOOD! i like your sparkle, shimmer & glitter package names :) it's so you

*Caroline* said...

haha I know right,

I'm such a girl ;)

Wil Carmack said...

wow, really nice site. and thank you for using my music. it makes me feel fuzzy.

Kelly said...

Caroline! I haven't looked at my blog in so long so I just saw your comment!! Your pictures look fabulous!! I hope you're doing well : )

Bailey Jo said...

It really is a great web-site. I'm impressed.