Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Run the rock!!

i'm going to run the 
White Rock Marathon 
this year!
i have always wanted to run one,
but i never have really
even considered it because 
of my knee problems.
however, life is short
and i've decided to do 
all the things i've always
wanted to do, despite my 
valid or invalid excuses. 
Carpe Diem and all that..
it's another part of my attempt
to make me a healthier person..
i'm delving into the vegetarian world,
giving up soft drinks and sweet tea, 
so i figured i'd add in some
hard core exercise to top it off.
so i have my training guide/schedule,
new running shoes,
and lots of tylenol...  ;)


April said...

hooray for marathons! i'm planning on doing a full after my 1/2 in april! hoorrraaayyyy

mm jw said...

Wow, Caroline. I'm impressed!

laura said...

that's so exciting! good luck

Wil Carmack said...

good luck. that is impressive. i can barely make in all the way around grapevine mills. just kidding.