Monday, August 4, 2008

officially freaking out now

4 days.

4 days 
till i get

that fact
is pretty much
all other thoughts
right now.

i haven't slept 
a whole night through
in a long time
without waking up
at some point
during the night
to have a mini
anxiety attack.

it's just really
weird how so much
of what is true about
my everyday life
is about to be
no longer true.

im moving to a new home,
i'm gaining a husband,
and a whole new family,
and God willing,
i'm going to be
with my best friend
every day
for the rest of my life.

and I am pretty excited
about that.


mm jw said...

Wow. August 9 is almost here.

I am so very thrilled you're officially becoming one of us

Rob did well in 'picking' you, sweet Caroline.

mm jw said...

I just posted a picture of Mac on my blog.

I hope you get some time to relax this week.
(Am I hearing you say a big HA! to that?)