Saturday, January 10, 2009


i just wanted

to put up
a few pics
of my nephew

he's getting so big,
and just cuter 
and cuter by the second!

he's the big 7 months now,
and he can sit in the grocery cart.
and he loves it.

here he is on christmas.
santa baby loves his presents!

and yes, his shirt says 
Lock up your Daughters.

agh, he makes my 
heart all stabby.

thanks cassie for the pictures.
whenever i have kids,
just try and pretend they are
as cute as yours  ;)


mm jw said...

"Lock up your daughters!!!!" That is SO funny!
We'll have to get one of those shirts for Mac!

laura said...

cute! i like how he has the same facial expression in every pictures. a really cute

Leah said...

Hey Caroline, first-Kohen is SO CUTE!!!

About pet stuff, I've cut several coupons for pet food. I don't really follow sales on that, in fact I don't even know if grocery stores print pet food sales in their ads. I'll keep a look out though! Anything in particular?