Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the name game

my husband is  named

after his grandfather,

as is his father. 

so when we discovered

we are going to have

a son, the question

of course, was

do we name him

Robert Stephen  the 4th

or not?

the only thing about

keeping it going

is what we would call him.

because Rob goes by Rob,

and his dad goes by Steve,

so that's pretty much all the options...

Then we remembered that

his gradfather's middle name wasn't 

stephen, it was just 

the middle initial S.

So really, we could come up with

a new name that starts with S 

and call him that!

that would still count

 as Robert S. the 4th.

so that's what we did.

so ladies and gentlemen,

our son's name is:

Robert Sawyer.

we'll cal him sawyer,

and i guess so will you!

on a different

but just as exciting note,

we both felt him move

yesterday for the

first time!

it was so crazy, i had

just been telling my mom 

yesterday morning we

hadn't felt him move at all

and i didn't know if that

was normal or not

at 21 weeks...

and then last night we were 

sitting on the couch, 

watching tv and

all of a sudden,

he just started kicking around!

i grabbed rob's hand and 

put it on my stomach and 

he said oh my gosh!!

it was very exciting,

and also very weird.

i still can't believe it,

but i also cannot wait!

i went to a consignment shop

called kid 2 kid,

you can get tons of 

great hardly used stuff

for next to nothing!

i was just going to look,

but then of course,

i just can't get over how 

tiny they are!

well, i promise

that not every post

will be about the baby,

but lately, 

other than throwing up,

it's what's going on!

so there you have it :)


Elizabeth H. said...

What a great name!!!!! Its so strong - I love it!!!

You can also find some GREAT things on eBay for cheap for kids... barely used or even brand new! Just search for either a brand and size or just search for "boys" and whatever size you want. I was just at Nordstrom Rack and they have a lot of little Polo onesie jumpers that are so cute!!! And so does Crazy 8! Welcome to the fun world of shopping for kids!

laura said...

That's a great name! Sawyer! I'm excited to meet him. And don't worry about talking about the baby too much we eat it up

Being Beth said...

I LOVE the name -- Sawyer -- fabulous!!! I'm with Laura on your posting about the baby. I stop by hoping you'll have something about your boy or your experiences as an expectant mother.

Had to laff at the word verification below -- biraff -- sounds like a pregnant woman hurling. LOL!!!

Nancy - said...

What a GREAT name!!!

And I want to read all about the baby stuff!! Keep it coming!

(I'm thinking my blog is not working right on your blog list thing. I mean, it's not moving up... and I'M moving up!!!)

Nancy - said...

Oh, now my blog has moved up!

Again, I say: we like reading about Baby Sawyer!!

April said...

LOVE the name! he's going to be a ladies man, I can feel it

Rob said...

I hate to contradict April, but there is NOTHING in this kid's DNA that predicts him to be a future ladies man.