Thursday, October 15, 2009

what a week

things have been

a little

i got a job,
just for the rest
of this year.
being a nanny.
it's been in the
works for a while
and it's all turned
out nicely!
my sister
came to visit,
(taken from my phone)
which was
lots of
family time.
(everyone hanging out at my brother and sis-in-law's house)
lots of rain.
lots of those
tiny snails that
keep getting in my
back door.
our U2 concert
turned into a
trip to the emergency room.
it was terrifying,
and harrowing,
and the #1 scariest
event of my life.
everything and everyone
(baby and i)
is OK.

i have for you
at last a
"baby bump"
picture that has
been requested
so you can all see
how huge we're getting:
22 weeks along!

i'll leave you
with this quote
from ann kiemel.
(if you haven't read her books,
you should.
right now)

"I love the word impossible
because my God believes in adventure,
and extraordinary mountains,
and He dares to believe in a world
crawling with terrible situations.
He promises to be bigger
than any impossibility
because He is love...
and love always finds a way through,
in time.
love isn't scared.
it builds bridges instead of walls.
it never gives up.
it always hangs on.
it waits with stubborn hope,
strong hope,
sometimes even years".


laura said...

I got a nanny job too! that's the way to go.

cute baby bump!

Nancy - said...

You've had quite a week!!

April said...

hooray baby bump! you look like a cute mom-to-be. i'm sorry your U2 experience wasn't a positive one!

Lydia said...

woah woah woah! No more of this ER business! Are you tying to freak me out?
Oh and we will TOTALLY be hanging out over the holidays!