Tuesday, October 27, 2009

these are the days of endless dreaming

i'm helping plan
one of the rooms
at our church's fall festival.
it's pretty crazy involved...
they really go all out
for this thing.
it makes me excited
to have my own kid(s?)
to take to a carnival

speaking of kids,
we made our first
baby purchase this weekend.
we bought a crib!
i had no idea how
complicated cribs could be!
i thought i knew which one i wanted
till we got to the store
and the lady started telling me
how "this one is a 9-in-1 crib!
it turns into 18 different kinds of beds
and eventually becomes a queen size bed!"
and plus they all come in
4 or 5 different shades of wood.
and it was quite overwhelming.
it's realllly hard for me to make
purchasing decisions anyway
without adding in 43 more options...
i mean, it's a baby bed!
i won't bore you with details,
but after an hour and a half
we made it out of the store
with the mother of all cribs.
and by that i mean,
brown and sturdy,
and has a matching
changing table.
plus after some successful
craigslist-ing on my part,
we ended up saving almost $200!
we are totally excited to
convert my office into a nursery
over the christmas break.
i finally chose fabrics to make
the bedding, it is going to be
so cute! i'll show you some
pictures as that goes along.
i also drew up the mural
i'm going to paint on the
wall behind the crib.
i'm pretty excited.
sawyer is going to love his room!

i think cassie,
my sister in law,
is going to go with me
sometime soon to do our
baby registries!
she is due 3 weeks after me
with their 2nd baby, also a boy!
3 boys in 2 years,
whew! my mom is going to be
so tired ;)

we met with and hired
our doula also this week.
she is awesome!
and i'm totally excited
that she's going to help
us make our baby's
grand entrance amazing.
i'm just really excited!
(i'm sure you couldn't tell)

well i think cate is up
from her nap.
so i'll be going.
happy last week of
(can you believe it?!)


laura said...

That's so cool you're using a doula! I don't know very much about doulas, but I learned a lot about midwives in my human sexuality class last year, and a midwife came and talked to our class. That's the way I want to go in the future.

Anywho, sounds like an exciting adventure!

Nancy - said...

How exciting!
And that doula-person... interesting.
I'd never heard of the term until Rob's blog, and now yours.
Y'all are so 'with it'!!!