Thursday, November 5, 2009


my camera cord

has been hiding for weeks!
and i finally found it today
in the guest bathroom cabinet....

who knows

anyway, so i can finally
post some pictures
of recent weeks.

firstly, the most
amazing concert
i've ever been to:
us at the show, it was outside.
(sidenote: ipod guy behind me spilled his beer alllll over me, then pretended he never realized it. lovely.)
the set was just, insanely phenominal!
so huge!
it takes 8 days to set it up,
and 100 semi-trucks to
bring it all in.

we had my family over
for halloween.
we live in a great neighborhood
with tons of kids so
we thought it'd be fun to
give out candy
and take my nephew around.
my parents made fabulous
caramel apples
the doggies dressed up.
(don't judge, it was hilarious)
we carved pumpkins
before. isn't that a huge pumpkin?!
here are all our pumpkins out on the porch.
this one is mine.
we took kohen trick or treating,
he was a safari guy in a jeep.
SO cute! he was a huge hit.
Cassie is a genius and made
his costume in one morning!
kohen skyped with auntie annie
so she could see his costume.

it was a grand time!
i can't wait for next
halloween when sawyer
will be here!
i'm sure he'll be so
cute in his tiny costume!
only 15 weeks to go! agh!!


Nancy said...

Fun Halloween! How cute.

I just love your blog.

And I miss you.
We need to get together soon.

laura said...

so much halloween fun! trick or treating, carving pumpkins, giving out candy, caramel apples--man, you guys did it all.

I'm excited to see how you dress up little Sawyer next year. I'm sure it'll be so cute and creative.

Grandma Scott said...
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