Tuesday, December 1, 2009


oh bloggy world,

i've neglected you.
i have no excuse
other than
just too busy!
and not the busy
that you blog about.
busy getting too huge
to reach my toes,
busy getting ready for bed
by 8:30 every night,
and busy letting
my laundry pile up
as high as my eyes...

but i will at least
give a small update
on thanksgiving!
this was my first
time not having thanksgiving
at home with m y family,
but instead at rob's family's
in Oklahoma.
it was kinda hard for me
not being home,
but I really had a good time
with them.
I have
i didn't take as many
pictures as i wish i had,
but here are a few.
rob and jason playing xbox
everyone relaxing after the turkey dinner.
rob and steve playing donkey kong.
sunni and i gave up. too hard.
like brother, like brother.
mac and rob love donkey kong!

we did spend friday with my family.
the day after thanksgiving
we always go get our christmas tree.
and this year rob and i joined
in the tradition of buying a real tree!
it's the biggest tallest fattest one!
it was quite a feat getting it home
and inside since i couldn't really help,
but my big strong man got it done
and even put the star on top!
isn't it beautiful!?!
all in all,
we had a fantastic
2nd Thanksgiving together
as our little family.


Nancy said...

I just love how you write. So cute and clever...

And those are great pictures!!

One of these days we WILL get together. Ah, but we have the rest of our lives.

I hope you are feeling better!!!

Love you!

Lydia said...

I love it! The tree is wonderful and I love that picture of you and Rob!