Sunday, December 6, 2009

baby goodies

my wonderful friend

threw me the loveliest
baby shower
this weekend.
my camera was dead,
even tho i was sure
it had been charging
all night the night before.
so i don't have any pictures.
but i'm hoping
someone else does
and will send me some.

but it was a great time!
we played some silly games
and ate cupcakes and
sawyer and i
were showered with some
fabulous gifts.
we are very blessed.

when i got home,
rob and i,
of course,
had to put the stroller
together and try it out..
the car seat snaps into the stroller,
it's pretty awesome.
just a little practice...
she loves it

i still can't believe
i'm going to be
a mom.
the whole time
at the shower
i just kept thinking
"this is my shower?!
for my baby?!"
but i must say,
i'm extremely
excited to meet
the little guy.

i hope he looks
just like rob ;)


Nancy said...

How exciting!!
And looking like you would be good for Sawyer, too!
With two gorgeous parents, we know he's going to be a heartthrob!!

Penny Saver said...

about those pictures... I do have some cutes ones, but I don't know the best way to get them to you- my email won't let me send files that big (12 MP) so I guess if you bring a flash drive with you next time you are this way that might work best! You look adorable and I love your stroller!

Nancy said...

I was invited!
I was invited!

YAY!! --- If we could only go back in time.....

(That Postal Service.....GRRRRR.)

Anonymous said...
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